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When told that your child has a special need, your path as a parent is forever changed. You are now walking a road unplanned- that road is full of acronyms, providers, paperwork and often times feelings of confusion and loneliness.

VELA stands for Vibrant. Empowered. Limitless.Able. This is how we feel about the families we serve. In Spanish, it means "candle" representing light, brightness and opportunity. Together, we can illuminate ability for the child, the family and within our community.

We know that providing parents with brochures and websites is simply not enough to empower families on this new journey. Instead, we aim to build a community around them- while providing them with hands-on information, resources and support through our Family Empowerment Program:  Weekly courses, Monthly Support Groups, Supportive Case Management and Family Fun Days

We have served over 1,000 families through our programs and cannot wait to serve more- so that parents can have a community that celebrates and empowers them on this new path- through the parents, for the child.   

How to register: Caregivers must call 512-850-8281 to register. Providers can refer a family via our online referral form