3.2 Amplify StoryA3

Thank you to everyone that donated towards our Amplify Austin campaign! You helped us raise over $10,00! YOU are bringing VELA's light- our Special Education Course and wraparound services-to families of children with disabilities who deserve to create the brightest futures for their families.

Gricelda’s 13 year old son Cesar loves basketball, awesome wigs, and is diagnosed with an intellectual disability. This means he requires services and supports at school. All his mom wanted was to ensure his rights were fulfilled. The problem? Everything was in English only--the evaluations, goals, therapy plans, special education meetings and even the teacher conferences. She felt voiceless, and in a figurative and literal sense, she was. 

This is where VELA steps in. To be able to understand how to best support Cesar, Gricelda enrolled in VELA's 5 week Special Education Course. Alongside other families, she learned about her right to translation and how to request additional and more ambitious services at school. Because of VELA, Gricelda now feels heard and takes the lead in meetings to ensure the brightest future for her son.