For Ronnie, inclusion means making sure her 7-year-old son, Tomas, has access to the school playground to play with his friends. Seems simple, right?

After all, Tomas loves being outside, building block towers and playing on the swings. Tomas has cerebral palsy which means he needs accommodations to do the things he loves and to be included.

Inclusion for Tomas meant Ronnie had to organize many school meetings and secure therapy services to create access to an adaptive swing that would support his body, allowing him to play side by side with his friend.

About VELA

To be included means you belong exactly as you are and you have what you need (resources, services, accommodations, acceptance) to be included.

For parents of children with disabilities, inclusion is not something that happens, it's something they have to fiercely pursue and advocate for on behalf of their children. This is no easy feat- it requires navigating very complex medical, education and social service systems, financial stress, disability stigma, language barriers and more. It means becoming your child’s greatest advocate.

Through VELA's courses, support groups, case management and family fun days- Spanish and English-speaking families do just that- through our programming, parents gain the knowledge, empowerment, resilience and community needed to ensure that their children thrive- and an essential part of that is making sure that child is included. Check out our 2021 Impact Report to learn more! 


We can all remember a time when we didn’t feel included- when we felt that we did not belong, that our participation was not relevant, that we were not seen or considered. When you Amplify VELA, you ensure that hundreds of Spanish and English speaking families of children with disabilities become their child's greatest advocates by sponsoring their participation in our virtual courses and wraparound services. For this year’s Amplify Austin, you get to create INCLUSION for hundreds of families in Austin.