"Nobody is going to do it for you. You as the parent are going to do it for your child.."

- Viengsa, VELA Grad

Taking charge of her son's needs for school is one of the many ways Viengsa is a warrior parent.

Amplify Austin is a 24 hour community giving event! This year, our goal is to raise $10,000 to Amplify Warrior Parents! When you Amplify VELA, you sponsor VELA's free programming, giving families access the knowledge, empowerment, resources and community needed to become their child's greatest advocate!

A Warrior Parent is...

A mom joining a VELA's Monthly Support Group from her car in between running errands to give herself emotional support herself connect with other families like hers.

A grandparent signing up for the VELA's Autism Course to how and what questions to ask her grandson's neurologist at their upcoming visit

A parent driving from San Antonio with her two children to attend VELA's Family Fun Day so they  can, for the first time, enjoy an inclusive play space that welcomes them exactly as they are

A dad connecting to VELA's Case Management to learn how to prepare to ask hard questions during their child's upcoming special education meeting in Brownsville, TX.

A mom taking some time for herself and practicing VELA's Caregiver Wellness breathing exercises.

To be a warrior parent is to have the courage, resilience and self-love to overcome hard things at the face of adversity.Our families have to navigate complex medical, education and social systems, financial stress, disability stigma, language barriers and more. Amplify VELA! Amplify Warrior Parents!