This Holiday Season, VELA is raising funds for
our programming for families of children with disabilities.

Timmie is an incredible mama to two amazing boys on the autism spectrum, Khôi and Khải.
Like most VELA families, she felt determined yet overwhelmed with all of the confusion, phone calls, isolation, special education meetings, therapy sessions and acronyms that are all a part of navigating disability. She struggled with her own emotions, too.

When Timmie joined our Caregiver Wellness Course, it was the first time she had the opportunity to learn and practice compassion for herself. Watch the video below to hear part of Timmie's journey with self-compassion.

Through VELA's Course and wraparound services, families, like Timmie's, learn how to treat and talk to themselves as they would their greatest friend. Across 5 sessions and alongside other families like theirs, parents learn how to honor all their emotions and practice how to move through joys and challenges with compassion towards themselves. Because taking care of yourself lets you them more fully  care of others. And as Timmie mentioned, compassion is a tool. Through interactive activities, like Self Compassion Breaks and  Square Breathing Exercises parents gain the skills they need to truly thrive with their families.

Together, we can create a community where all families of children with disabilities thrive.