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Autism Course

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Does your child have autism?

Have you asked yourself "How can I help my child?", "What resources are out there?", "Are there other families like us?",
"How can I take care of myself, as a caregiver?", "What do all these providers do and what do all these acronyms mean?"

Join VELA and other parents to answer these questions and more through our FREE Autism Course.  Get informed, connected, supported and empowered through our 6 session Course!

How to register: Caregivers must call 512-850-8281 to register. Providers can refer a family via our online referral form

2019 Winter/Spring Autism Course Flyer (in Spanish and English)

Topics Covered: 

Autism: What we know and don't know

My Child's Development- Play, Communication and Social Interaction- How can I help my child?

Sensory Processing and Behavior- How do I help prevent behaviors and better understand my child's needs?

Therapies and Doctors- How to get the most out of services

What Can I do at Home?- Ideas for Transition Planning, Social Stories, and more...

How do I talk to others about my child? Feeling comfortable with autism...

Community Resources- What is available to support my child and family?

Taking care of myself as a caregiver!