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Family Fun Days

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Family Fun Days are just what they sound like- afternoons of play, activities, community building and entertainment for VELA families. Over 200 Vela participants take part in Family Fun Days 3 times per year. These events are held at McBeth Rec Center, a fully adapted and accessible space for children of all ages and abilities. 

As a VELA family, these are unique opportunities to meet other VELA parents while children play, explore, share food and engage in activities for all ages and abilities. Each Family Fun Day has a different theme, ranging from Spring Planting to Transportation and Movement. As many of our parents have shared with us, it is a time to be together in community without having to worry about judgment, hurtful questions or blank stares- this is a space that celebrates the differences of all of our families!

Family Fun Days are held in March, October and December of each year at McBeth Recreation Center, 2401 Columbus Drive 78746. 
Want to help us make it happen? Become a Family Fun Day Sponsor! 

Next Dates: March 30th, 2019!