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Special Education Course

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Is your child enrolled in special education? 

Have you asked yourself "How can I help my child?", "What services can I ask for?", "What do all these acronyms mean and how do I understand the paperwork?", "How can I prepare for special education meetings (ARDs)?", "What resources are available?", "How do I take care of myself, as a caregiver?"

Join VELA and other parents to answer these questions and more through our FREE Special Education CourseGet informed, connected, supported and empowered through our 6 session Course!

2019 Winter/Spring Fall Special Education Course Flyer (in Spanish and English)

How to register: Caregivers must call 512-850-8281 to register. Providers can refer a family via our online referral form

Topics Covered:

Understanding your child's special education paperwork- really understanding the IEP.

What to do before, after and during ARD meetings- How do I get ready?

Effective Communication with the Schools- Building Relationships.

Special Ed Law and Rights- What should I know?

Community Resources- What is available to support my child and family?

Taking care of myself as a caregiver!