As a provider, you can refer families directly to VELA's Courses, Workshops, Case Management, Family Fun Days and more. Complete the fields below and VELA will contact the family within 5 business days. Call (512) 850-8281 or contact us if you have any questions. Check out our Fall 2019 Programming Flyers. 

Special Education Course (must have a child with an IEP or be in the eval process: starts the week of 10/29/19)Autism Course (must have a child with an autism diagnosis: starts the week of 10/29/19)Taking Care of You Workshop (must have a child with a special need: 12/10/19)Monthly Support Group (must have a child with a special need; in Spanish only)

Needs Support with School with 504 Plan or IEPNeeds Support Accessing Community Resources Relevant to DiagnosisNeeds Support with Doctors and TherapiesNeeds Support with Evaluations