Transition to Adulthood Course for families

Planning for the future can feel daunting. Knowing that to ask for while your child is in school is key to ensure they can pursue a life of self-determination as an adult. Through VELA's interactive 5 session course, you will become your child's greatest advocate.  Join VELA to gain knowledge, empowerment, resilience and community. You can also check out other course options and/or register for support group. We look forward to meeting you in person on or the screen!

What to Expect: 

  • This course meets 1x/week over 5 sessions; you must be able to attend each session to register.
  • Our Courses are not webinars! Instead, they are interactive, engaging and an opportunity to learn, share, receive and give support.
  • Mailed Materials- If you are registering for our virtual course, we will mail course curriculum to you.
  • Our Course Facilitators are parents, just like you. That means they lead with empathy because they get it.
  • Meet other parents and learn from each other!

Topics Covered:

  • Build a Parent Toolkit to organize your child's school, therapy and medical information- and learn how to use this as a tool.
  • Visioning for the Future
  • Transition ARD, Services and Graduation Plans
  • Medical Transition and Planning
  • Alternatives to Guardianship 
  • Learn about key resources and how/when to access them
  • Learn and practice real self-care strategies for yourself

Course Schedule:(must attend all 5 sessions) All courses are virtual and on zoom.

Round 1 Option: 2/8/24-3/7/24 on Thursdays from12-1:30pm

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